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Affiliate Proposal for Collaborative CPR and AED Education on June 1

  • We are proposing to collaborate with ANY United States CrossFit affiliate to offer free CPR and AED education to their members and the public on Saturday, June 1, 2024

  • We are asking that you recruit a local underserved community to learn/refresh CPR and
    AED skills with you on June 1 (see FAQs for details)

  • We will provide a free, grant-funded AED to that underserved community on behalf of your box as long as 15 or more members of that community attend If your box does not already have an AED, we will provide you a refreshed AED (see FAQs) for $900 (no obligation to buy on your part)

Compress and Shock Foundation Background

Since 2017, the Roanoke, Virginia based 501c3 non-profit Compress and Shock (C&S) Foundation [] has worked to bring free and equitable access to CPR and AED education to all communities with a specific dedication to those communities most adversely affected by cardiac arrest due to race, ethnicity, primary language, or access to healthcare education. We are the only non-profit in the United States that uses an  AED access model to give AEDs to communities that align with our mission statement along with free CPR and AED education.  We are inviting CrossFit Affiliates to partner with our Foundation to save lives in their community.

Logistical Details of the CPR and AED Education

  • Our class is a 60-minute long, compression only CPR and AED education course  specifically designed for the layperson (the public). The course consists of an instructional PowerPoint presentation followed by hands-on practice. While most classes are adult only education, we have some adult/child/infant classes.

  • Classes are open to anyone 13 and older.

  • We never certify (see FAQs), formal certification is a ‘barrier’ to educating the public and our curriculum meets or exceeds any comparable American Heart Association (AHA) training

  • What We Request from You ideally from within the box membership (see assistance in recruiting local instructor see FAQs) 

  • Assistance in establishing contact with your local Fire/EMS or hospital for the purpose of  equipment loan (manikins and AED trainers

  • Identify one ‘champion’ that would serve as the point person working with C&S on logistics (could be one of the instructors)

Purpose and Vision

  • Founding principles of CrossFit involve community, altruism, and improving the health of its members. This partnership provides an annual opportunity for each box to teach their members how to save lives while bringing this education to underserved local populations.

  • Every box should have their own AED and their members should have the knowledge to save a life whether in the box, at home, or in public

  • The communities we serve have worse outcomes from cardiac arrest and we are committed to eliminating educational barriers so that every victim of cardiac arrest has a chance to survive

  •  This will be a yearly offering every 1 t Saturday in June and eventually we aspire to engage thousands of boxes to train learners in their own communities and place hundreds of AEDs in local underserved communities


What are the Next Steps in Exploring this Opportunity?



Jack Perkins, MD
Founder and Executive Director
Compress and Shock Foundation
Email: Jperkins@Compressandshock.Org

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