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Frequently Asked Questions


Any geographic restrictions for involvement on June 1?


No. Any CrossFit Affiliate in the United States may participate.


Is there any ‘cap’ on the number of AEDs that will be donated?


  No. We are hoping hundreds of affiliates will participate.


Why don’t we provide formal ‘certification’?


 Our learner audience is the public and certification is not needed to save a life.


Can you further define ‘underserved community’ and what are the details on ‘collaboration with that community?


Any community that aligns with our mission statement (see website homepage) is desirable.  Communities that have common ties and would benefit from an AED are optimal (e.g. churches, travel sports teams, food kitchens, shelters).  We want your box to identify the underserved community (engage your members) as it will be more impactful and help promote a sustainable, yearly event.

Do we provide training in languages other than English?

Yes. We have an extensive curriculum in Spanish (and a Board member dedicated to Spanish language education and outreach) and have taught in American Sign Language among other languages.

What is a ‘refreshed’ Automated external defibrillator (AED)?

Refreshed AEDs have previously been in the community and bought back by the distributor for resale. They are still under manufacturer warranty and will operate as intended. Because we can obtain them for $900 apiece, or grant funding goes much further than if we bought new AEDs

What are the requirements for instructors?


Anyone who has taken a CPR class previously may serve as a hands-on instructor. We have extensive online training to bring instructors up to speed to ensure that all of our trainings are identical.  The ‘lead’ instructor will deliver the PowerPoint presentation (prepared by C&S) and will need to have a healthcare background and comfort with public speaking.


Why June 1 and is another date possible?

Every 1st Saturday in June we run a free National CPR and AED Education Day across the country.  The first week of June is celebrated by the American Heart Association as their CPR and AED Awareness Week. We have built a ‘day of action’ to compliment that week but we do not have any affiliation with the AHA.  Because of the size and scope of this endeavor, we can only support June 1.

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