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THANK YOU to all our learners, instructors & sponsors for supporting Compress and Shock's

Volunteer to be an instructor in your community!

No experience necessary!

The Compress and Shock foundation relies on volunteers to help us instruct and run our classes!

If you volunteer to be an instructor the foundation will provide you with a short training module to complete before the class. We will also provide the educational course for the class and as an instructor you will help walk the learners through the PowerPoint and hands on skills.  The Compress and Shock Foundation’s mission is to bring free and equitable access to CPR and AED education to all communities with a specific dedication to those communities most adversely affected by cardiac arrest due to race, ethnicity, primary language, or access to healthcare education. This year we have specifically engaged underserved communities to align with our mission and have scheduled sites throughout the United States.

  • The education delivered is either Adult only or Adult/Child/Infant with both a 20-minute lecture segment (PowerPoint) and hands on practice.

  • No certification required to instruct,  we require at least one prior CPR course (at any point previously) and then ask you to complete brief training on our website (a few short videos and quiz).

  • We need one lead instructor per class and the remaining instructors help teach hands only CPR and use of an AED in small groups with manikins and AED trainers (lead instructor should be comfortable with public speaking).

  • Each class is 60-75 minutes and we ask that you get there 15-30 minutes before your first class and stay 15-20 minutes after to help clean up. You may sign up for one class or numerous, we are grateful for whatever time you decide to commit.

  • All volunteers get free Compress and Shock t-shirts (although Fire and EMS is welcome to wear their uniforms).

  • Every learner and instructor is eligible to purchase a deeply discounted AED (roughly 35% off retail) from our partner, Rescue One!

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