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Student Engagement


Institutions of Higher Learning have the ability to directly engage, educate, and empower their community through free CPR and AED education. Institutions of Higher Learning have the ability to tackle barriers to initiating the emergency response system and create a climate of cooperation with community partners.

Event Preparation

Click Here for a step by step implementation guide

1)  Finding Community Partners 

  • Personal Connections

  • Faith-based Organizations and Churches

  • Local Non-Profit Organizations

  • Local Hispanic Businesses

  • Schools and Educational Institutions

  • Factories and Workplaces

  • Special Consideration 

2) Promote Event

  • Building and maintaining a participant base.

  • Finding and training instructors.

  • Strategies for promoting the event through various channels.

3) Event Preparation 

  • Checklist for organizing the event:

    • Delegate responsibilities.

    • Special needs and considerations, including childcare and snacks.

    • Promotional materials and tactics.

    • Pre Registration processes.

  • Regular communication tips and templates.

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