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Graduate and Health Profession School Involvement 


Benefits to medical school and community:


The benefits to the medical students cannot be understated BLS is a curricular requirement so this provides an opportunity for each student-instructor to keep their BLS and First aid skills fresh and educated. Further, at the level of a student, it can be difficult to find ways to positively impact our local community with the skills we are currently learning. This program allows us to have an immediate, meaningful, and effective impact. Medical professionals are expected to be able to not only treat but educate their community in aspects of healthcare. This allows med students to begin early practice in that important part of our future careers. 

The benefits to the community (especially the Hispanic community) are insurmountable. The general consensus from participants was that they knew about the concept of CPR but that the classes were great at explaining the specifics. Participants were enthusiastic and asked thoughtful  questions throughout the presentation and during the small group sessions. A few of the participants even had medical conditions such as chest pain and even an implanted defibrillator. Thanks to the resources provided by the Compress and Shock Foundation. Periodic classes is an excellent option. The Hispanic Community Medical Outreach organization exists across all 4 of VCOM’s four campuses in Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina. 

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