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What is Cardiac Arrest? 
And how can I be prepared to save a life?

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Who can use an AED?

Anyone! AED's are most effective when used as quickly as possible. 

An AED is a safe and effective device that can and should be used by any bystander.

We are committed to getting more AEDs out into communities to increase survival from sudden cardiac arreest

Explore our webiste or email to learn more.

How do I get an AED for my car, home, church, or business?

Easy! We can help!


to learn about the options!

Who can perform CPR?

Anyone! CPR is a lifesaving skill that can be performed by all. You do not need to be a first responder to save a life.

Our classes are specifically designed for the lay person. Visit our registration page to find or host a class in your community!

Register for our upcoming class below!

Interested in hosting a class in your community?



We bring free and equitable access to CPR and AED education to all communities 


Learn more about how Twila was saved from death through the use of early CPR and an AED

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Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our 6th annual CPR and AED Education Day!


Emily F.

Class Participant

The instructors are wonderful.  They not only have a sound knowledge base, but they are friendly and they teach in a way that gives learners a clear understanding of what to do in an emergency. 

Kristin K. 

Class Participant

...the foundation’s class on chest compressions and the use of an AED left me feeling like I could really make a difference in someone’s life if such an event were to occur.

Taylor P. 

Class Participant

The amount of knowledge that was given to me through the class was both informative and easy to follow. I now know that I have the skill set to save a life if it came to that.

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