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As part of our commitment to improving survival from cardiac arrest we provide options for all learners to access AED's

  1. All learners are eligible to purchase a discounted AED through our partnership with Rescue One 

  2. Communities in need can apply for a grant funded AED donation

  3. AED enclosures are offered through our partnership with AED Team (see below)

For information about AED purchase or donation application please reach out to

compressandshockfoundation-188 (1).jpg


The Compress and Shock Foundation works with AED Team and local businesses to permanently place in-ground all weather AED enclosures. The AED enclosures protect the devices from extreme weather, tamper, and theft while ensuring the 911 system is activated when the AED is accessed. These AEDs will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the public places. 

Interested in placing an AED enclosure in your community? Contact us at! 


Jack Dalton Park and Smith River Sports Complex
Henry County, VA 

A special thanks to Eastman Chemical Co. and Triangle Electric Corp. for sponsoring this installation! 


Thrasher Park, Washington Park, and Fallon Park
Roanoke City, VA

Thanks to Roanoke City Fire and EMS for continuing to make the community a safer place!


Greenfield Park
Botetourt County, VA

Thank you to Twila and David Rankin and Botetourt County Parks & Recreation for helping us make this community safer!

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