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Bring free CPR and AED Education to your community

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How to engage your agency:

Our community centric CPR and AED education is specifically designed to be easily distributed and tailored to the unique needs of each community.

However, we believe the best people to distribute this training are the same people that will be responding to the call. Beyond providing your community with the life saving skills of CPR and AED use, our curriculum helps build trust and unity among residents and first responders. 


We understand every agency is unique and will work with you to find the most effective way to collaborate.

To get started, below is a general overview of the expectations followed by highlight videos of our past trainings to give you an idea of what our programming looks like. 

​What we ask from you:

  1. ​Once a year on the first Saturday in June host class trainings for Annual CPR and AED Education Day

  2. Identify groups, areas, or populations within your community to host a class

  3. Provide volunteer instructors and equipment (when possible)

  4. Spread the word and engage your community

What we provide:

  1. Educational curriculum: can be edited as you see fit for your area

  2. Registration through our website 

  3. Marketing/promotional materials 

  4. Training for instructors

If interested, please reach out to us!

Thanks for submitting!
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