Training Videos

Welcome to the training section.  Below you will find a series of videos that together provide the information to train and prepare you for being an instructor representing the Compress and Shock Foundation and teaching compressions-only CPR and AED use on the second May of each year!

After watching the 5 videos below, please take the short quiz on the next page to assess your knowledge.


Video 1 - introduction

Outlines primary objectives of the foundation, the goals of the training, and roles on the day of event


Video 2 - Resources

Describing the resources available online


Video 3 - Highlights

Outlines the points to focus on during the didactic portion of the training given on the day of the event


Video 4 - common questions

The following provides in depth answers to common questions asked by participants during the event that may prepare you to better respond to them


Video 5 - Hands-on portion 

Demonstrating compressions-only CPR and the 3 C's.


Video 6 - Hands-on portion 

Step by step walk-through of proper technique for compressions-only CPR as well as AED operation.