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Gwyneth's Gift Foundation was established to honor the life of Gwyneth Morgan Griffin. Gwyneth, like so many other people, would conceivably be alive today if she had received CPR immediately and had quick access to an AED. Unfortunately, Gwyneth suffered a devastating and unrecoverable anoxic brain injury due to the length of time before she received CPR. Seven weeks later, just after her 13th birthday, Gwyneth passed away.

Gwyneth's Law was passed in 2013 and has three components:

  1. AED placement in 2,100 elementary, middle, and high schools in Virginia

  2. Mandatory CPR training for over 71,000 teachers in Virginia

  3. CPR training for 89,000 Virginia high school graduates annually

The Compress and Shock Foundation is proud to partner with Gwyneth's Gift for our shared mission of raising awareness and providing education to the public regarding CPR and AED use.