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 A ‘One Off’ event is any event held outside of our annual 1st Saturday in June or 3rd Sunday in October

  • If the AED Access Model is going to be utilized, the normal structure must be followed

       Meaning 35+ learners must attend and AED waiver paperwork is required

  • If you plan to use this model, contact Jack to discuss the details

  • You may opt to lead a class without the AED incentive, in this case there is no

       Minimum number of learners (lead instructor discretion)

  • You may teach Adult or Adult/Infant/Child in English, Spanish or any other language

  • The lead instructor will use the most recent version of our PowerPoint slides which

       Are updated before every June and October event

  •  Registration will not occur through the website, the lead instructor and learner

         Community will have to determine a format for learner registration

  • Please post photos to social media and tag our Facebook ‘Compress & Shock

        Foundation’ (feel free to use Twitter/X and Instagram as well)
        Instagram: Compress_and_Shock

  • Use this link to access the PowerPoint slides, instructor recruitment email,

  End of event completion certificate, discounted AED offer from Rescue One,
  and end of event flyer for all learners

 With the following information:
Title email with date, location of event, and number of learners trained
Photos please
Email address of each learner if they provide permission for this

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