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Emily Plaster

Is a Certified Pediatric nurse working in Roanoke, Virginia and married to Andy Plaster.  Shortly after getting married, the two found Roanoke Valley CrossFit as a great place to get in a competitive workout, spend quality time together and make new friends in the community. When she's not working on a home craft project she is usually helping her favorite medical student stay sane.  Managing IT and social media have been a welcomed challenge, finding creative ways to spread the word about quick and timely CPR and AED use.


Andy Plaster

Is a medical student at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and a lieutenant in the USAF participating in their medical scholarship program.  When he is not studying he enjoys exploring more of Roanoke with Emily, fitting in a workout, or getting out of town to see family.  As a future medical provider, he enjoys helping people learn how to care for themselves and others through organizations like Compress and Shock.